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Let's Be BestBudz

At BestBudz, we want to share a small promotion for our returning customers and offer a $25 credit when we receive a review. We love to hear from everyone’s words because we care about your feedback. We strive to improve and make sure each and every person has the best experience possible.

BestBudz Buds

Leave us a Review! Here’s how:

After receiving your goods, head back over to our website to leave a review on one of the products from your order and earn $5. Here are the requirements:

  • Find the product you want to review
  • Review it (At least 3 sentences)
  • Send a screenshot & email us your order #
  • $5 credit will be issued to you as soon as possible!*

*The $5 credit is available for one order!

By leaving reviews on other platforms, you can earn $20 per order. Reviews on the following platforms will be eligible for the $20 credit**:

  1. Reddit (r/MOMpics)
  2. CanadianMOMs Forum
  3. Instagram (tag us in a post or story with a brief review)
  4. Leafythings
  5. Google Maps

To receive your credits, please send us an email at with following information:

  • Screenshot of your review
  • Your order #
  • Your username(s)

Once reviewed and confirmed by our staff, you will receive the $20 credit for your reviews.

Please note: there is a limit of 1 review per platform, per order. This prevents the platforms from being flooded by reviews of the same user and allows others for a chance to earn credit through reviews.


**You will only receive credit if you follow the proper format for reviews on that particular platform (for example, if you post on CanadianMOMs, you must follow the required format, with pictures. 1-2 sentences will not work.)

Please note: We reserve the right to revise the conditions of our review incentive from time to time. Please check this page for the most up to date terms of our review incentive.