Pineapple Express


Grade: AAA+
Energizing, Euphoric, Focused
Flavours: Citrus, Tropical, Pine
Medical Uses: May help with chronic pain, depression, fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite


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Pineapple Express’ History, Appearances & Terpenes

BestBudz presents to you Pineapple Express (60% Indica/40% Sativa). It was originally bred by G13 Labs, a cross breed between Trainwreck x Hawaiian. Tropical buds that will make you fall in love. Some may be confused to why this Pineapple Express is an indica-dominant. During the late harvesting period, it possessed indica leaning traits. The Pineapple Express strain, appearance-wise, resembles an indica ever so slightly. With exceptionally densely packed buds that are long and tapered like the shape of a classic sativa. Just by having a look, it is clear this potent strain is indeed a hybrid. More so, it displays shades of deep greens and sometimes tinges of burnt oranges and burgundy reds, a result if this strain had been cultivated in colder climates.

When you get that first whiff of this famous ganja, you know immediately that what you’re smelling is something unique and distinctive, even if you have no idea what it is called. Once you realize its name is Pineapple Express, the answers all become too obvious. A pungent smell of something fruity and floral, transporting you into a visualization of being caught up in the tropics. With all your cares and worries melting away one by one for just that little moment. Your first hit reminds you of apples and tangerines, not necessarily sweet in flavor, but you can sense the hints of something fruity, citrusy and maybe even a little floral thrown in for extra good measure.

Medicinal Effects

Pineapple Express is a calming and stimulating bud that has the ability to lift a persons mood while increasing productivity thus making it perfect for anyone suffering from depression, chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, or generalized restlessness. This cannabis is not nearly as strong as depicted, and certainly will not leave you dysfunctional. You can expect quite the contrary, with its potential to bring introspection and hefty cerebral effects, continuing all the way down to your body, which will fill right up with blissful relaxation, yet an urge to carry on. This hybrid truly is a quintessential balance, keeping its user within the happy medium of a totally creative spirit that is downright ready to journey out on an adventure, to a thought provoking bookworm that just wants to keep it all in.

In need of motivation? Grab some Pineapple Express and enjoy it with a couple of friends. Later, you will be finding yourself on a marvelous adventure.


BestBudz advises our customers to consult with their medical professionals for cannabis consumption. 


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G


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