Cherry Pie


Grade: AAAA
Feelings/Effects: Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
Flavours: Berry, Cherry, Sweet
Medical Uses: May help with ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress

Disclaimer: Appearances vary from previous batch. Nugs are larger.  

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Cherry Pie’s History, Appearances & Terpenes

BestBudz presents you Cherry Pie (60% Indica/40% Sativa), this a balanced indica hybrid created through a cross between flavor-packed indica Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison. Although it is hard to find the authentic version of this particular medical marijuana strain. It definitely will not be hard to believe that this is the best type of strain. This versatility, along with the strain’s tart and fruity taste, has made it a staple in dispensaries nationwide.

Cherry Pie’s flowers are small to medium in size and have a bud structure characteristic of other predominantly indica strains. The tightly-curled leaves are densely packed together and threaded through with vibrant orange pistils. Leaves appear mostly mossy green, although some phenotypes show off flashes of purple; this latter color is due to high concentrations of pigments in the plant’s genes (passed on from Granddaddy Purple) that highlight colors other than green. The visuals on Cherry Pie is absolutely stunning with the thick layer of trichomes gleaming against the sunlight.

Inspiring the name of this medical marijuana strain, the aroma is that of cherry pies. When Cherry Pie is properly cured, a sweet, rich cherry flavor jumps off of the buds, accented by some light herbal and floral notes. More dank, hashy notes linger underneath and are brought forward when the buds are ground up or broken open. When it’s combusted, Cherry Pie gives off a smooth smoke that’s easily inhaled and on the exhale tastes toasted and biscuity with a hint of sweet fruit

Medicinal Effects

Cherry Pie has a high that mounts slowly, beginning as a progressive feeling of relaxation. Users may feel like any mild, short-term worries or stressors have evaporated.

For medical cannabis patients, Cherry Pie has both psychological and physiological applications. It can help those plagued by anxiety, depression, and PTSD to spend their time more presently and mindfully. Its unique combination of mental acuity and physical relaxation can also benefit those with attention deficit disorders to devote great concentration to single tasks.


BestBudz advises our customers to consult with their medical professionals for cannabis consumption. 


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