BestBudz Review
BestBudz Review
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Shop at the best online cannabis dispensary in Canada. We provide a wide range of premium flower & high quality edibles. BestBudz will continue to expand out product lines with only the highest quality flower, edibles, vapes, & concentrates.

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BestBudz Review
BestBudz Review
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BestBudz Online Weed Dispensary | Buy Cannabis Online in Canada

BestBudz is an up and coming online dispensary that prides itself in curating and delivering the highest quality cannabis products at an affordable price. We value trust, transparency, affordability, cleanliness, & privacy – we hope to become your BestBudz.

We offer a variety of strains curated to keep in season with our Canadian cannabis growing partners. Flowers are packaged in mylar bags and vacuum sealed for extra discretion. Humidity packs are included to regulate the moisture and stickiness of the buds. For those with a sweet tooth, we also carry candy and chocolate edibles!

Accessories such as lighters, doob tubes, rolling papers, etc. are coming soon.
If you’d like to request a specific strain or edible product, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do!

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Free shipping for orders over $179!

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About BestBudz

Welcome to BestBudz Online Dispensary, we are glad you made it! We promise to put customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We are happy to provide a wide arrange of cannabis products, safe and affordable is second to none. We hold this upon ourselves to ensure our buddies receive nothing but the best medication to treat their conditions. We understand privacy is important to you guys, so we guarantee your packages are shipped in a discreet and odour free manner. Minors are prohibited from ordering with BestBudz as we have arranged certain protocols for packages to be picked up.

Cheers to all of our new Budz & the ones who are riding with us on this journey.